Dog show winners

A true dog lover is a person who travels a thousand miles to a dog show, spends $1000 on the trip, $200 on the hotel, and pays $500 for registration to win a 5-cent rosette. (Just a dog-lovers’ joke)

What is a dog show?

A dog show is a public event that aims to evaluate the conformity of dogs to the standards of a certain breed and to identify the best representative of the breed for subsequent breeding. The assessment is carried out by licensed experts. Dog shows have been our main hobby and true passion for the last 20 years!!! Winning a prestigious competition is very difficult. It always requires a long preparation time and well-coordinated work of numerous people - the handler, the groomer and, of course, the dog owner!!! That’s why we invest a lot of effort, enthusiasm and money in exhibitions!

What’s the purpose of dog shows?

First and foremost, each show is a super spectacular event for professionals who are fond of breeding dogs that are beautiful and have a positive temperament. In other words, it is a zootechnical event, a breeding trade show, where breeders can demonstrate the results of their many years of work and get their dogs assessed by expert judges.   By participating in a dog show, you will be able to:
  • get a grade for the pedigree,
  • get a title for prestige and further breeding,
  • display your pet and compare with other dogs of the same breed,
  • find like-minded people and friends, share experience,
  • receive an award: a prize, a cup, or a medal,
  • live an active lifestyle,
  • travel to different cities and countries.

How are the exhibitions conducted?

  Winners are selected as follows: In each breed judges select:   *Best puppy (male and female) *Best junior (male and female) *Best adult male (Best of sex) *Best adult female (Best of sex)   Out of these, the judge selects only one breed winner dog. *Best of breed   Becoming the best dog of the breed is especially prestigious at monobreed dog shows and championships. Even the 7th or 10th place at the largest and most famous exhibitions, such as Crufts (also known as the championship of champions) is prized, since there the competition is so tough there!!! We have some great news to share - at the last Crufts (2023), a dog bred by us took the 2nd place in its class!!!! *Crufts is a 4-day cynological event that takes place every year in early March. The event is organized by the British Kennel Club and held in the National Exhibition Centre pavilions near Birmingham. At the end of the show, the best dogs in each breed participate in the final Best in Show competition, where the expert chooses the most beautiful dog with the best personality!!! It’s a spectacular and very emotional contest!!!

What is the difference between dogs with and without a pedigree?

A pedigree is an official document that is issued in strict accordance with the international FCI rules and only to those dogs that meet the breed standard, confirm their quality exteriors at exhibitions and sometimes are even tested on special “working” tests. *You have probably seen videos where German Shepherds pass the test in protecting and defending people, Malinois run at the tracks at incredible speed in agility competitions, shepherd dogs drive sheep to the stall, and hunting dogs bring a duck out of the water (today they use rubber ducks so as to avoid killing entirely). These tests are required in order to select dogs with superb, healthy, adequate personality and to filter out those who are overly cowardly, aggressive or nervous. Thus, participation in exhibitions, excellent marks and, of course, victories are a guarantee that your puppy’s parents will endow them with both a beautiful exterior and a healthy mind. When buying a puppy without a pedigree, you can never be sure that he will grow up to look like his breed declared at the time of purchase. There may be an additional hassle when he will turn out to be difficult for you to live and communicate with (shy, anxious, overly excitable or vicious). We promise to help all the puppies we sell in their show careers. You can count on our support and active participation!

Our gallery of Dog show winners

Chihuahua Thushima. Republican dog show BIS-1
Chihuahua Fuji.International dog show BIS - 3
Name 03