About Us

Here is some information about me, the breeder, and how I came to the profession of my dreams.

Podvysotskaya Tamara

- Canine handler. Completed the Secretary/Canine Handler, Canine Breeder and Expert Canine Handler courses at the Belarusian Republican Canine Handling Organization in 2002-2004
  - Breeder. Registered a breeding kennel in 2010
  - Universal groomer, groomer for purebreds. Practices since 2004
  - Director of a grooming studio grymer.by/.  Opened a grooming studio in Minsk in 2020, which is successfully operating and developing
  - Director of a grooming school grymer.by/obuchenie/. Received a grooming teacher diploma at the Milord Grooming Academy (Moscow) in 2012. Worked as a teacher at the Milord Academy, the Master Groom grooming school. Opened her own professional grooming school in 2020, which actively trains up to 250 people a year.
We are friends, we work with dogs, we keep dogs, and we have loved dogs since childhood. Together we develop our kennels and encourage each other to develop and improve our results.

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