Dog Owners

Congratulations! So, you’ve decided to get a dog, a loyal friend for many years to come! There are many joyful moments ahead of you, as well as a lot of responsibility. Our part is to help you find the pet of your dreams!

We adhere to the official FCI standard and only plan matings with the healthiest, most beautiful dogs with top pedigree from around the world.

We pay great attention to the animal’s mental state and personality because your dog is first and foremost a friend, or even a partner for many years, and it must be communicative, well-adjusted and good-tempered. In our kennel we rank puppies according to their characteristics. We offer very promising show-class pups for exhibitions and breeding. We also have less competitive puppies who will make wonderful pets. The difference in characteristics translates into a difference in price. These parameters are related only to exterior features, while every puppy we offer is completely healthy and ready to become a part of a new family!

Why purchase a dog in our kennel?

We take a highly responsible approach to breeding and invest a lot of effort, time and money in our kennel! By getting a dog from us, you get a puppy with top-notch parents along with our continuous support!

* The producers of our kennel (the puppies’ parents) regularly win dog shows, confirming their breed, and demonstrating an excellent exterior and a healthy temper that are inherited by the puppies.

* All our dogs and puppies eat exclusively high-quality super-premium food and natural meat.

* Every three months we treat all dogs for ecto- and endoparasites (helminths, fleas, ticks, etc.)

* We use the highest quality and proven vaccines and vaccinate all puppies by age, quarantine them and adhere to all veterinary recommendations.

* Puppies of all breeds are accustomed to grooming starting at 3-4 weeks (thus, they are not afraid of hair dryers, combing, haircutting, or washing)

* Toddler bull terriers are accustomed to walking since young age, while Maltese, chihuahuas and poodles only relieve themselves on a special tray

* We guarantee lifelong support, advice and assistance to the owners of our puppies. If you want your dog to participate in dog shows, we’ll be happy to support you and help you advance their exhibition career

* We share detailed information on growing, feeding, vaccinating and raising a puppy with the owners

* An agreement is concluded when you buy a puppy in our kennel, so that both parties are sure of the transparency and conditions of the transaction

* We assist with delivering a puppy to any country in the world

When choosing to buy a puppy from us, you get an animal with a full document package:

- international pedigree

- international veterinary passport with all vaccinations

- microchip (entered into the international database)

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