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Puppies for sale

Dogs are our life and our passion, and our collaboration in breeding dogs for sale is rooted in our childhood. Tamara Podvysotskaya and Oksana Naperkovskaya welcome you. We are canine breeders, handlers and groomers, as well as best friends! You have probably been searching for puppies for sale, and you have landed in the perfect place - on the page of two affiliated breeding kennels. Let us tell you a bit about our kennel club and our favorite animals!

Dog life. Nurturing and care

Here you can find small dog breeds for sale, buy a puppy of the breed you like and get advice on growing, feeding and caring for them throughout his life. Our dogs are our babies, they are raised with great love and in comfortable conditions. We have been breeding dogs since 2000, and all this time we’ve been evolving, learning new things and choosing the best for our dogs. Dog shows are our favorite pastime to which we are willing to devote every weekend, so we are offering puppies from purebred, beautiful and healthy parents. Without exaggeration, we have tried to create the most comfortable and happiest living conditions for our pets!!! Just for our dogs, we built two houses – 55m2 and 25 m2 (the larger one is for adult dogs and the smaller one - for puppies). These houses are like 5-star hotels that offer everything for a perfect life - not just for a dog, but even for a person:

Lots of space and 24/7 outside access

Animals run freely around the kennel premises and can go outside at any time of the day through special dog doors. For walks on the street, large aviaries have been built in which you can run and rage in the sun all day and night!

Nature walks

Our kennel is located on the very edge of the village, there are no neighbors or roads around, only nature. So, in addition to being outside on kennel premises, we take our dogs for daily walks in the field, forest and by the lake. We take long walks with 5-7 dogs without leashes, so that the animals can move freely, get used to walking with and obeying people, so that you’ll find puppies who are well socialized, unafraid of the world around them and get a lot of positive emotions!!! Also, we separately do up to 10 km daily sports runs with our bull terriers, because we love sports, too and try to keep ourselves in shape!

A "beauty salon," a grooming room with a special ozone bath, where we or our assistant washes, trims and cares for the dogs’ hair every few days and cuts their nails. We also have our own grooming salon in the Belarus capital https://grymer.by/, where dogs are also taken regularly for beauty visits. So, when you purchase a puppy from us, you get a fearless dog toddler, who is accustomed to all grooming procedures from early on, and is not afraid of hair dryers, noisy clippers, or nail trimming.

A large dog kitchen where we cut, prepare and freeze meat and vegetables for dogs. Yes, we are committed to DOG-SPECIFIC FOOD, or NATURAL FEEDING. The diet was compiled by a veterinary nutritionist, taking into account the breed, age, activity and other characteristics of each dog. It includes beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, quail, different types of fish, eggs, seasonal vegetables and herbs (for example, we almost always add a little nettle to food and be sure to freeze it for the winter, as it contains a lot of vitamins). Of course, we add calcium and vitamins separately. Feeding meat to dogs is difficult, it takes a huge amount of time and effort. We strictly adhere to the feeding norms and proportions and choose only high-quality products from official suppliers.

We talk a lot, write articles and upload videos about nutrition on our social media pages. If you decide to continue to feed your dog naturally, we will be happy to help you compose the menu.

Here is an example: Meat of animals, birds, fish - 49-75% Meat products - 15-20% Organs - up to 15% Bones - 5-30% Vegetables - 5-20%

Separate laundry area

Our two large washing machines with a “steam treatment” mode are operating practically around the clock. That’s why we always have fresh and clean diapers, bedding, plush toys and dog clothes on hand.

Cleanliness and comfort

Kennel premises are thoroughly cleaned twice a day (we use hospital-grade disinfectants for sanitation) and we use a special quartz lamp that kills infections. An assistant keeps the rooms clean throughout the day, so that they are always clean, tidy and smell good. Puppies are trained to go to the toilet on plastic trays. This proves very convenient in the future, because when a dog arrives in a new house, he knows where to go while he gets used to the street toilet training. We use trays, rather than cloth diapers, since our experience has demonstrated that if a puppy learns to pee on a diaper, in the future he perceives any fabric as his potential toilet, urinating exclusively on carpets, curtains, bed linen or any other home textiles. With the advent of plastic trays in our kennel, this problem is in the past.

24/7 online video surveillance

All rooms and enclosures are equipped with cameras that broadcast everything that happens in our dogs’ lives directly to our phones, so that at any time we can feel secure about our pets and see everything that happens to them. Pedigree dogs and puppies for sale are our specialty, so please contact us and we will be happy to